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16 August 2011 @ 04:03 pm
For the Nights I can't Remember  
Title: For the Nights I can't Remember
Author: xobabybirdox
Word Count: 2363 words
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff
Notes: All dialogue is written in lyrics
I would just like to mention all the artists and songs that I have used to help me create this story.
Barbie Girl – Aqua, That’s not my name- Ting Tings, Whatya want from me- Adam Lambert, Give me everything- Ne-yo, Thanks for the memories- Fall out boy, Think again- Minor Threat, Thank you- Dido, 867 Jenny- Tommy totone, For the nights I can’t remember- Hedley,
Good to you- Mariana’s trench, Have I got a present for you-Stephan Colbert, Come on get higher- Matt nathonson, I’m yours – Jason Mraz, Stitch by stitch- Javier colon,Call him- Flame

Summary: Jonathan doesn't remember what happened that night but he knows he messed things up with Elizabeth. He must win her back and hopes that his heart-shaped CDs is the way back into her heart.
Prompt: Picture prompt @ your_scribbles 

It was just a typical day at work for Jonathan. He was sitting at the front desk overlooking all the people searching through CD cases. He couldn’t wait to get home, kick off his shoes and listen to his own music. The top 100 on the radio was starting to drive him crazy. He pushed his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes and focused his attention on another teenage boy dressed in all black searching through the heavy metal section. Jonathan was sure he knew the boy from school but maybe not. Suddenly, the door chimed. Jonathon looked over just as a girl walked in and turned the corner into the top hits music aisle.

Jonathon immediately assumed she was like all the other girls who entered the store. The giggly girls in their short skirts looking for music to blast out of daddy’s convertible. He returned his attention back to the metal section teen but for some reason his eyes kept scanning back to the new girl. He couldn’t figure out what it was about this girl that kept drawing his attention. He finally gave up fighting it and decided to get a good look at the girl. She was the typical blonde girl but instead of a skirt she was wearing track pants and she no make-up on. Also instead of the pin-straight hair, hers was piled on top of her head. Jonathan shook his head, grabbed his Ipod, and turned the music up loud.


Elizabeth scanned the CDs looking for something for Tiffany’s party. She grabbed a CD off the shelf and scanned the songs. She didn’t recognize any of the songs. Justin Beiber? Fefe Dobson? Lady Gaga? She had no idea who any of these people were, but was hoping that these were the songs everyone was listening to. Anxious to get out of the store, she headed towards the counter. Sitting there was a boy about her age with dark hair rocking out to his iPod. She coughed in hopes to get the boys attention. When that didn’t work she reached over and tapped the boys shoulder.

“Hiya Barbie” the boy said.

In frustration, she let out on of her infamous rants. “That’s not my name; they call me girl, they call me Stacey, they call me her. They call me Jane. That’s not my name.”

She was so sick of everyone judging her, thinking she was just a normal Beverly Hills, wannabe actress bimbo. She wasn’t. She was different and she wanted people to know that.

Taken aback from her sudden outburst, he gently replied, “Hey, slow it down whataya want from me?”

She looked at the CD in her hand and threw it on the counter. He looked down at the CD and back at her. The look on his face confirmed that he thought she was just like everyone else. She felt a twang of hurt inside and couldn’t figure out why. What did she care if some low life music store guy thought she was a top 40 singing airhead like Tiffany? Maybe she was like Tiffany. They were best friends after all. As she was standing there, a vision popped into her head. She was standing there but slowly she morphed into Tiffany. She blinked away the vision, reminding herself that they were nothing alike. In fact, they were complete opposites.

“Think again before you take another crack and slap yourself on the back,” she said. She was fed up with people assuming things about her. She was going to let this guy know exactly what she thought.

The conversation went on for a while, what started out as anger quickly faded away and the conversation turned light-hearted. Talking was so natural for them; it was like they had known each other for years as opposed to just minutes. They got so lost into their conversation that they didn’t notice the line that forming behind them until someone yelled at them, bringing them back into the present.

“I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life,” she said grabbing the CD. As she walked out the door she couldn’t help but glancing back at him.

For the rest of the day, Jonathan was set on auto-pilot. He helped customers and stocked shelves but part of him was still focused on Elizabeth. He had to see her again but he had no way to contact her. He locked the door to the store and headed to his car. There was a piece of paper under his windshield wipers. Assuming it was a ticket, he started swearing. He threw his stuff in the backseat angrily and snatched the paper off the windshield. A smile grew across his face. It wasn’t a ticket. In fact, the only thing written on it was seven digits. 867-5309.


From that day on, the two of them were inseparable. When he wasn’t working, they were out roaming the town together. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. When she was around him she was able to be herself, which was something she hadn’t been able to do in a long time.

Elizabeth only moved to LA a year ago and since then she had been trying to be something she was not. She pretended to be like Tiffany. She wasn’t used to being mean and catty. She didn’t care how hot a guy was, she wasn’t that shallow. And she definalty wasn’t as promiscuous as she felt she had to be when Tiffany was around. She hated having to be someone else so that she would fit in. However, now that she was with Jonathan she didn’t have to do that anymore. He liked her because of who she actually is instead of what she thought she had to be.

In just a few months they were able to learn so much about each other. Elizabeth liked cookie dough ice cream whereas Jonathan preferred classic vanilla. His favourite movie was Star Wars while she enjoyed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.. They both learned their favourite colours were green, and when they stared into each others’ eyes that’s what they saw.


However, everything changed one night when Jonathan went out with his buddies. He had become the beer pong champion, or so his friends told him in the morning. He remembered getting to his friend’s house and when he opened his first beer declaring, “I might drink a little more than I should tonight, ‘cause we might not get tomorrow!”

His friends all cheered and they chugged some down. They sat down and chatted and that is when the rest of the night got hazy. When he woke up, he grabbed his phone to text Elizabeth when he noticed he already had a message. He opened it up and it was from an unknown number. All it said was, One more night, and one more time. Thanks for the memories.

He went to talk to Elizabeth that morning. He was debating telling her. On one hand, he wanted to be on honest with her but he was afraid of how she would react. He didn’t want to lose the love of his life over something he didn’t even remember. He wasn’t even sure what happened and he was too scared to ask his buddies. He didn’t want to know.

As he was walking up her walkway, he was still unsure of how he was going to handle this. However, it didn’t matter. The rumours had already spread to Elizabeth. She opened the door with mascara running down her face and a cardboard box in his hands. Without saying a word, she shoved the box at and slammed the door in his face. He looked down. All of his things were inside the box. The sweater she loved so much, the numerous CDs they had listened to in her car together and sheet music he had written and left with her. It was supposed to be their song. He threw the box in the backseat of the car and drove away. He couldn’t believe it was over. As he raced home, he was thankful he didn’t wear mascara.


For the next week, Elizabeth distanced herself from everyone. She tried to escape everything she had heard but no matter where she looked she was reminded of everything. Whenever she went online someone was still talking about it. It was all that seemed to be showing up on her News Feed. And her cell wouldn’t stop ringing between the text messages and the missed calls.

She couldn’t talk to him. Not after what he did. Between all the rumours floating around the story seemed to range from they just kissed to they went all the way on the couch. She didn’t know what to believe anymore but either way something happened and that hurt. She had listened to the sadness and sorrow in his voice as he begged for her forgiveness but those voicemails always got deleted. She was in love and now she was heartbroken and alone. She curled into bed and cried herself to sleep as the sad songs kept blasting through the speakers.

When she woke up that morning, she shuffled her way downstairs, poured herself a bowl of lucky charms and grabbed the milk. She went to pour the milk into the bowl when only a few drops dripped out of the container. Yelling at her little brother, who was still sleeping upstairs, she grabbed the car keys off the counter and headed out to the store.

The first thing she noticed when she opened the front door was how bright it was. She hadn’t been outside in a week and her eyes were no longer adjusted to the sun’s brightness. The second thing she noticed was there was something on her front porch. When she picked it up she noticed it was a CD in the shape of a heart. She went back upstairs she put the CD her stereo. She recognized the piano and the unique voice and realized quickly it was Hedley filling her ears. When she looked down at the case she saw there was a note. It said, For the nights I can’t remember.


Jonathan knew there had to be a way for Elizabeth to listen to him. She wasn’t returning any of messages and she wouldn’t pick up the phone. It suddenly occurred to him he had to do something special.

He was watching TV with his sister. It was some singing show that he wasn’t really into but it was better than the normal stuff his sister watched. Besides, his sister could tell he was upset so she kept making cracks that any minute Christina Aguilera was going to fall out of her shirt on national television. She was trying and that was what was important to him. Now only if Elizabeth could see he was trying too.

He had found out what happened but he had no way to tell her. At some point of the night, a girl named Emily, had tried to kiss him. She caught him completely off-guard and didn’t get a chance to stop her. Luckily, his friend had walked into the room immediately and the girl. That was all that happened. He had to tell Elizabeth.

As he was sitting there trying to come up with something creative, one of the singers caught his attention. The words of the song hit him and he instantly knew what he had to do. Music was such a big part of their relationship – heck, they even met in a music store. Music was the key to their survival.

The next day, another heart-shaped CD showed up on her door. This one labelled, What hurts the most. The following day there was another one sitting there. She popped it into the CD and Good to you drifted to her ears.

For the next two weeks, a heart shaped CD showed up on her front porch. Elizabeth listened to every single one of them. She listened to all types of genres loving each song more with every time she listened to it. She started rummaging through the CDs looking for one in particular. Written notes flashed by:

-I miss the still of your silence as you breathe out and I breathe in-

-This is our fate, I’m yours- 

 -I will be strong, I will be faithful, ‘cause I’m counting on a new beginning. A reason for living. A deeper meaning-

Finally, she found the one she was looking for. This was the most recent CD and it was slightly different. I heard this on The Voice while I was watching it with Haley. I need you, without you I am broken. Put me back together now, Stitch by Stitch? 

Just then, her mom knocked on her bedroom door. “I have a present for you,” she said handing her yet another CD. “Call him, I know it’s hard to let go.” With that walked back out.

She stared at the CD. This one was different.

There was no note, just a blank heart-shaped CD. She took it out of the case and once again put it into her stereo. At first, she thought it was empty. There was just static filling the room, she felt as if the silence was suffocating her. Finally, his voice filled the air. She recognized the words right away. They were the same words he had given her weeks ago. It was their song he had said, but then it was just a piece of paper and some words.

This was real.

She grabbed her purse and ran down the stairs. She ran past her mom saying quickly she had to talk to Jonathan and grabbed the keys. She opened the door and ran straight into something hard. She looked up and there was Jonathan.

He went to speak but she cut him off. “I do wanna love you, and I do wanna try because if falling for you boy is crazy, then I’m going out of my mind.”
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