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15 January 2013 @ 10:18 pm
The Little Things Make Little Changes  
I just started a new creative writing class so expect a lot more posts from me. I am sorry that I haven't really been posting, I hate to say that I haven't really been writing. However, that is all about to change.

On my very first class my teacher told us to write down how we got a scar on our body. Any scar. We had only five minutes. When the time was up she told us to rip the paper in half, straight down the middle.
This was the result.

Title: The Little Things Make Little Changes
Author: xobabybirdox
Type: Poem
Rating: G
Trigger: Minor Violence
Note: It has been edited slightly.

“I am going to”
As he pulled out
It was a threat
Wouldn’t follow
Looked into his eyes
The thought of him
Loved him too
Blade, my fist
Slip at it would
“Let go” he said
Two could play
Must have thought
Pulled the blade
Id let go after
Guess he didn’t
Next thing, blood
Rolling down
Eyes, as pain
“Shit” he said
Looking for something
I should have gone
Have gotten stitches
Couldn’t tell my parents
How stupid
Grab a knife
This was about

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